Biography - summer 08

The most interesting thing I find in writing biographies or introductions of oneself or someone else is the profound introspection it requires. It is an exercice that bring us to the centre of our perception skills, skills about ourselves and about other. "Who am I? Who are those others I am facing? Who do I want to be for those "others"? What if there was other "others" joining these ones?" Hence the difficulty to write a blog about oneself. Mostly, when one is somewhat shy and sensitive to "others'" impressions.

Here is what I wrote for a group of colleagues at the University of Alberta:

"I am a “constant student of life”, curious and interested in a lot of different things ranging from psychology to running, poetry, basketball, languages and management.

After a Commerce degree (finance and management) in Montreal, I studied International Development at the University of Winnipeg and discovered a passion for Community Economic Development (CED), a local action by people to create economic opportunities and better social conditions for the most disadvantaged. I then worked in the non-profit sector for a few years, doing CED work, project coordination and marketing. I am very interested in social economy, entrepreneurship, immigration and youth leadership.

I currently work as an Account Executive for Statistics Canada (market research and custom services) in Winnipeg, MB. I enjoy playing sports and travelling, passions that I share with my wife.

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