Email to the PSS Committee of CCEDNet (link)

This is a message I sent as an introduction to a group of CED practioners I recently joined.

"Hello to all,

I am a young CED practitioner living in Winnipeg, MB. I have been a member of the Emerging Leaders Committee since 2006, when I joined CCEDNet, and I was one of the interns of the first Cohorte of the CreateAction programme. As such, I contributed to the Advisory Committee of the project which led to the creation of the ICAN (Immigrant and Refugees Communities Action Network) committee.

Besides youth and immigrant in CED, I am very interested in international and gender-based CED, that I practiced in Latin America, as well as in the Cooperative model. My interest for CED also inspired me to start Development in Action inc., a non-profit which mission is "to contribute to the sustainable development of communities by empowering youth, transfering skills, and promoting youth-led actions for social change".

Based on my experience on CCEDNet's committees, I believe that the continuity of the sector lies in the constant training and the effectiveness of its practitioners. It is this belief which lead me to express the desire to join the Practitioner and Sector Strengthening Committee.

I look forward to meeting you all on October 8th.


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