Thank yous

To Jen, mom and dad; Chamime, Axelle, Yazid and Diana; Char, Brennley, Bradley, Jaymie, Lindy, Doug and Leanne; Farida, Aïda, Habib, Tantie Ossenatou; the staff at the CDEM; my colleagues Erin, Naomi, Meghan and Vivian (CCEDNet), Tara and Conrad (StatsCan); my friends Mohamed, Natasha, Anju, Schulamit, Fabiana, Steve, Lola, Sergine, Vera, Fafa, Sara, Tina, Fred, Yanick; and Ghislain, Samuel, Axel, Ben and Joyce.

To Roslyn, Harun, Helene, Alexandra, Tim, Lorianne, Admas, Usman, Shawna and Mike. They'd know why...

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