Nunn Bush

Americans have shown us too many times how easy it is to make money off of any event in international politics, good or bad. Hollywood actually has an amazing way to turn the bad into good, to make us cry then laugh but mostly, to make us pay. After the Vietnam war, for instance, they created the popular action films Rambo and the media franchise that spun off from the films due to their popularity as well as Hotel Rwanda (2004), in the aftermath of the genocide that occured in the heart of Africa and during which, no Western country reacted.

They also make movies about their own politicians, and several presidents have played themselves in movies (Raegan, of course, Clinton, but also Ford and Carter). We have even seen W, the first movie made about a US president still in office, JFK or the soon to be released Frost/Nixon.

This time, mercantilism has reached far beyond North American frontiers and the world proves to have learnt the lesson. Few days after the December 14 episod of Muntadhar al-Zeidi throwing his shoes at George Bush in Iraq, some shoes companies in the Middle-East have started selling "Nunn Bush" (Bush shoes). And it works! Producers and retailers offer great deals and are overwhelmed by the demand.

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Ndack a dit…

Yep, and we love these movies ! And movies are the easiest way to spread a culture, a langage. But I have to add that the more subtle way to spread a culture is by creating schools all around the world with your own country's syllabus: that's the french way as Cheikh Hamidou Kane noted it in L'Aventure Ambigüe.